What to do now? Finding Your Career Path

Put yourself in the shoes of a Ready to Succeed Scholar. You beat the odds, and tackle college head on. You work hard. But without many role models, how do you know if you are choosing the right path? Answer: real-world advice from leaders in the field.

Last month, during the “How Do I Know Which Career to Choose” workshop, Scholars heard from a panel of volunteer professionals. The panel featured an attorney, entrepreneurs, an accountant, a marketing pros, and a psychologist, and they each had a unique perspective and path to their own career.

Career Advice from a Former Foster Youth

Entrepreneur Anthony Glenn was able to join the workshop. Anthony grew up in LA’s foster system and is now the founder of CarDana, a nonprofit turning cars into donations. Fun fact: Anthony helped RTS get its first car donation this year! In talking about his journey Anthony said, “while at college I studied architecture, which was cool, but it did not define my career path”.

For Scholars like Manuel, being able to “see other people once in the position I am in about being unsure of their career path gives me confidence that I can explore different jobs and still be successful”.

Thank you for making these workshops possible.

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