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Kayne Scholars is a scholarship program dedicated to advancing the potential of first-generation college students to graduate from either the California State University or University of California system, and pivot into sustainable, meaningful careers in STEM or business related fields.

RTS is excited to partner with the Kayne Scholars to provide personalized career coaching, connections to industry professionals and access to internships and career track jobs in their fields of interest. Beginning in their sophomore year and continuing through graduation and one year of full time employment, RTS will ensure all Kayne Scholars have the support they need to accelerate their careers and reach their full potential.

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We believe that one of the most valuable resources we can provide is our career and personal coaching. With this 1:1 resource, our scholars gain the knowledge, skills and experience they need to make a smoother and faster transition from classroom to career. We also leverage our robust network of partners to provide resources for other pressing real world needs including housing, mental heath, clothing, transportation and so much more.

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Relationships are critical to success, especially for those whose past relationships have been inconsistent at best. We make the right introductions so that scholars can build their networks and gain social capital. Throughout their time in the program, RTS Scholars will add a minimum of 20 professionals to their networks.

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RTS opens doors to internships and entry-level job opportunities at some of the most sought-after and prestigious workplaces. We also offer a variety of career-honing services, including career exploration, career development, and career training so that our scholars are competitive in the workforce.

How the Kayne Scholars x RTS  program works:

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New scholars are paired with career and personal development coaches.

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Scholars attend monthly workshops, receive 1:1 communications coaching and are introduced to major players in their industry of choice.

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RTS Coaches help Scholars create an Individual Career Plan and navigate the application and interview process.

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Once placed at a job or internship, scholars receive ongoing career and personal support.

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Targeted Financial Support helps cover necessary expenses during college and includes a loan repayment plan.

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