Spreading Love and Support: Valentine’s Care Packages for College-Going Foster Youth

Last week marked a special occasion for the Ready to Succeed (RTS), the first ever Valentine’s Care Package assembly party.  Supporters, staff, and alumni came together with a shared mission: to prepare Valentine’s care packages for RTS Scholars. Thanks to generous contributions from supporters, the wonderful team of volunteers put together nearly 70 packages to mail to foster youth in college.

Why Valentine’s Care Packages?

At RTS, we understand that former foster youth face unique challenges and obstacles on their journey through college and beyond. While they strive for academic and professional success, the importance of emotional support and a sense of belonging cannot be overstated. The Valentine’s care packages are our way of letting them know that they are not alone—that they are part of a larger family dedicated to their well-being and success.

What Was in the Care Packages?

Each care package was thoughtfully assembled with items meant to uplift and encourage. From sweet treats and personalized notes of encouragement to practical items that can ease daily life, every package was a testament to the collective support of the RTS community. These tokens of appreciation serve as a reminder to our scholars that their hard work and resilience are recognized and celebrated.

The Impact

The impact of the Valentine’s care packages goes far beyond the items themselves. For RTS Scholars, receiving these packages is a tangible reminder of the support system surrounding them. It strengthens their sense of community and belonging, which is crucial for their emotional and mental well-being. For the volunteers who helped prepare and send out these packages, it was an opportunity to connect with the mission of RTS and with each other!

There’s still time to support even more college-going foster youth this February. When you make a gift between now and February 14, your donation will be DOUBLED by the Johnny Carson Foundation, up to $25,000.

Interested in volunteering at our next event? Email christian@readytosucceedla.org.