Meet Susan Toler Carr, P.E.

Please welcome Susan Toler Carr P.E, one of two newest Ready to Succeed Board Members. She is the founder of Justin Carr Wants World Peace Foundation where she promotes her late son’s, Justin, plans for art, heart & peace through various education programs, mentorships, scholarships, heart screenings, and heart health awareness platforms.

What are some of your favorite hobbies?
I really enjoy old cookbooks. Something about finding old cookbooks and pulling recipes from them is exciting. It is like pulling out a time capsule. I do not even follow the recipes exactly every time, I really just use them as a starting point for my own creations.

What is your go-to or favorite album?

You know, I do not listen to too much music, but you cannot go wrong with the oldies. I would recommend the Spinners and Angela Bofill for anyone on a walk or just to unwind.

Why did you choose the RTS board?

I found out about RTS through my friend Harriet who is currently a board member. At first I was hesitant because I already have a lot of time commitment with my own organization. But after I mentored a foster youth who had been in over 5 homes by the age of 12, I realized this population is who needs assistance. Being a member of the Ready to Succeed just felt like the next logical step in my own mission.

Tell us about your career path- past and present.

You know, I started out as an engineer. That’s what I was by trade. But after losing my son, Justin, I had a complete shift in my career. Connecting with his peers and with students who were grieving too, I realized they were carrying things others could not see including high amounts of stress and pressure. A significant point came when I was applying to speak at education conferences for student, stress and mental health. I was not accepted to one but was told “my proposal was really good but what did I know about education because I was an engineer.”

So I did what any logical person would do and went back to school, got my certification in education and development, and came back and got accepted to over 50 conferences moving forward.

Tell us something most people don’t know about you.

I used to work with leather! Making purses, bookmarks, and flower holders. I had found some old tools cleaning out my parents place and made the most of it.

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