RTS Scholars Can Change the World

 Tyler, a recent UCLA graduate and RTS Scholar, is making a significant impact this summer as a policy intern with the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute (CCAI).

Research and Advocacy for LGBTQI+ Youth

Over the past few weeks, Tyler has been deeply engaged in research projects related to his internship. He recently completed a policy brief for the CCAI, which outlines the service barriers faced by LGBTQI+ youth. These youth are drastically overrepresented in the foster care system.

Recommendations for Policy Changes

Tyler’s policy brief offers crucial recommendations aimed at improving the experiences of LGBTQI+ individuals in foster care. His brief advocates for broad changes in foster care practices and policies to better address identity-based discrimination.

Tyler’s Journey and Future Aspirations

Growing up in foster care, Tyler dreamed of changing the system for the better. With your support, he has completed several legal internships, gaining real-world experience that has prepared him for a future career in law. Tyler’s policy brief has the potential to influence significant policy changes, improving the lives of thousands of children in foster care.

Next Steps: Law School and Beyond

What’s next for Tyler? He’s preparing for the LSAT and hopes to start law school next year.

Thank You for Your Support

Thank you for believing in college-going foster youth like Tyler! Your support is an investment in the next generation of leaders and changemakers.

Read the full brief here!