Community building and connecting with peers is a critical component of academic and career success. So is having fun! During the fall months, many colleges and universities host “Family Weekends,” but many former foster youth don’t have a family they can invite to join them on campus.

To help get those Scholar’s through their last semester of the year, RTS hosted a Fall Fun Event: Go Kart Racing at K1 Speedway in Gardena. Scholars joined RTS staff members from colleges across Los Angeles and even UC Santa Barbara students got in on the activities.

More than racing around the track, Scholars were able to build connections with each other, and some even shared their favorite aspects of RTS programming.

“RTS is the career cheat sheet. They give you all the answers!”

Angel V. said encouragingly to Scholars who haven’t attended many RTS workshops yet. Scholars were able to share their interests, ranging from technical consulting to the arts and even discussed job opportunities they are pursing. Many left the event that day with new friends and a renewed commitment to following their career dreams.

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