Last month, thanks to your support RTS was able to host a number of workshops aimed at providing Scholars with the skills and information that they need to succeed and advance their academic and career goals.

RTS Career Advisor, Zoe Fried, led an online workshop A Bag of Money: Exploring Fellowship Opportunities. In this interactive workshops students heard from a former Fulbright East Asia-Pacific fellow, RTS Program Coordinator, Madison Braybrooke, who taught elementary English in Taiwan. For many of the young people in the workshop who attended large universities, this was their first time hearing about Fellowship Opportunities. The scholars expressed interest in language learning, political science and the creative arts.

They engaged in a small group exercise where they selected an opportunity that might be right for them and pitched themselves in a mock interview, envisioning not only what skills and experiences they currently have, but what they might achieve in the near future.

They were thrilled to learn that you could be paid to study abroad, and even to research and write! Students left the workshop with a tailored list of fellowships to consider and concrete next steps for when they are ready to apply.

Your continued generosity allows Scholars without traditional support systems and without familial financial resources to continue to pursue new ideas and opportunities.

Coming up next month: During the month of November, RTS is hosting 3 Health and Wellness workshops for Scholars focusing on Self-Advocacy:  Finding the Right Fit, Gratitude and Combatting Negative Thoughts, and It’s Okay Not to Be Okay.

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