Summer is Coming! Here’s What’s Next for RTS Scholars + How You Can Help

For RTS seniors, graduation can be a time of fear. When a typical student finishes university, they usually have the support of their family as they enter the workforce. RTS Scholars impacted by foster care do not have that support. Instead, they lose the only resources they had. The housing, food, and financial aid they had on campus disappears. 

RTS Scholars need the support of people like you, to make sure they have everything they need to transition from college into their careers. Click here to give today to ensure graduating RTS Scholars have everything that they need to make the successful transition from college to career.

Graduation isn’t the only challenge foster youth face. Entering college and moving into the college dorms can be equally as hard.

Trips to the store to stock up on all dorm room essentials.

Making your dorm room bed – remember those extra-long sheets??

Decorating your room to make it look just like home.

Filling your shelves with ramen, instant mac and cheese and other grab ‘n go foods.

Going to the college bookstore to buy your course textbooks.

These are all things our parents helped us do when we moved into our college dorm room at the start of the school year.

Unlike most youth who have support of some kind (and bags and bags from Bed, Bath, and Beyond!) foster youth students are left to make the scary transition to college ALONE. Over 50% of foster youth drop out of college by the end of their first year. Only 3% of foster youth will graduate from college. But, these statistics don’t have to be the typical foster youth experience. Project Dorm Room 2022, coming soon in July 2022, can change these sad trends. Stay tuned to learn how you can help! 

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