Kimberli F.

Job Seeker

Degree: Anthropology & Sociology UCLA

Seeking: Full-Time position in the non-profit sector. Kimberli has a special interest in the areas of homelessness, foster youth, and other underprivileged and underserved populations

Relevant Non-Profit Experience: Kimberli has been an advocate for the underprivileged and underserved, from her human rights work in Guatemala to tutoring students in LA middle and elementary schools. Currently, at the Ronald Reagan Medical Center at UCLA, she works with parents of patients from different socio demographic statuses, income levels, ethnicities and ages to provide access to key resources in their communities. She utilizes her strong interpersonal communication skills across all levels of hospital medical staff, patients and community program leaders. In Guatemala, she immersed herself with the residents of San Miguel Dueñas, a small town. She built great relationships with the residents which allowed them to feel safe and comfortable to confide in her. She saw first-hand their needs and presented information to elected officials who make decisions on monetary aid distribution. She also worked with students in Koreatown, providing tutoring and mentoring. She has the ability to connect well with people of all ages.