Maripau poses at her 2020 UCLA graduation

January marked the start of recruitment season for the 2023 Pat McCabe Service Fellowship Program. This program provides motivated Scholars with project-based internships, workshops, personalized coaching and professional mentorship. Scholars gain  work experience and personal and professional connections all while working at local mission driven non-profit organizations.

“My internship at the National Center for Youth Law allowed me to understand the inner workings of the organization, and how the law can be used to help foster youth communities like my own. Now I am one step closer to my dream of becoming a lawyer.”

Maripau is the first person in her family to attend a four year university.  She felt a world of difference between herself and her peers at UCLA.   Still, she felt determined to complete her degree though she faced financial instability and uncertainty. With you support, Maripau was able to connect with career advisors at Ready to Succeed who prepared her for her first internship experience.

Because she was a Pat McCabe Service Fellow, Maripau didn’t have to decide between finding a summer job and taking the internship at National Center for Youth Law.  Unpaid internships present an financial burden to low-income families, and can prevent students from pursuing their intended careers. Last year, the Pat McCabe Service Fellowship Program provided $62,000 in stipends to 20 Scholars working at 11 partner organizations.

After her internship experience, Maripau, a former foster youth and first-generation Colombian American, went on to graduate from UCLA with honors and continued on to Berkeley Law School. She is currently a J.D. candidate and the Editor in Chief of the Berkeley La Raza Law Journal.

Your support of Ready to Succeed Scholars and programs like the Pat McCabe Service Fellowship is helping to create the next generation of leaders ready to enact positive change.