Project Dorm Room 2023 in full swing!

This year, Project Dorm Room (PDR) equipped over 300 college-bound foster youth across 15 campuses. Ready to Succeed partnered with Make Good Inc. to serve more students than ever before! When you make a donation to project dorm room you aren’t only providing supplies, you are also providing a sense of belonging.

Why is Project Dorm Room important?

Many college-going foster youth lack family support. The often arrive on campus empty-handed or with belongings in trash bags. You can certainly help make a difference. Your support boosts their confidence and improves readiness for success. It is important to realize success starts day one.

Thanks to PDR and you, former foster youth build a strong academic foundation. Take Deborah’s story, for example. Deborah, an RTS Alum who recently graduated from UCLA, shared her heartwarming PDR experience.

“When I got the supplies, an older Bruin Guardian Scholar helped me move into my dorm room. It felt like family’s love and support, which meant the world to me as I began college.” Deborah got everything to set up her room and start classes confidently. Because of you support, Deborah graduated college. Now she’s enrolled in a Masters of Education program. She hopes to become a teacher in Los Angeles.

How can I help foster youth?

It is never the wrong time to support foster youth in their journey toward success. You can support Project Dorm Room throughout the year by making a donation today. Because of you, every year, Project Dorm Room expands to help more students.

Another step you can take: consider discussing PDR with your friends and family. Tell them why initiative like Project Dorm Room are especially important to you.

Want to have the most significant and sustained impact on RTS Scholars year-round? Then, consider becoming a monthly donor. Monthly contributions provide continuous support, and ensure a strong foundation for this essential work.

Lastly, you can also stay updated by subscribing to the Ready to Succeed monthly newsletter. Click on the envelope icon located on the left-hand side of the page to receive regular updates. When you get involved, you provide foster youth with the tools they need for a brighter future.

What supplies are provided to college-going foster youth?

Short answer: everything they need to set up a comfortable dorm room.

Long answer:

  • sheets
  • pillows
  • comforter
  • mattress pad
  • mattress cover
  • fleece blankets
  • towel set and wash cloths
  • toiletries (deodorant, shampoo, soap, face and body wash)
  • shower caddy
  • laundry bag
  • school swag
  • electrical cords
  • fans
  • hangers
  • storage/organizers
  • and more!

Above all, thank you for believe in foster youth. As a result, they’ll be able to not only thrive in school, but build meaningful careers.