Each day, Ready to Succeed Scholars are empowered by the commitment of a dedicated volunteer network, and supporters like you. This month’s Volunteer Spotlight is Mallory Mangold. Mallory is the Senior Director of Marketing at Tapas Media, with previous roles at major companies like Warner Bros. and Sony Pictures.

Mallory loves to stay active and give back, when looking for her next volunteer opportunity she was connected to Ready to Succeed through board member, Elizabeth Friedman. Moved by the incredible network of supporters and volunteers, like you, and the motivated Scholars, Mallory asked, “How can I help?”

Mallory works closely with scholars, and helps them gain insight into one of the hardest industries to tap into- entertainment. Over the course of the past year, Mallory has connected with several Scholars and made a tremendous impact in their lives.

In addition to working one-on-one with Scholars, Malloring is also co-leading the formation of a new RTS Young Leadership Council, and she has welcomed several of her colleagues into the RTS community.

When asked about her favorite part of volunteering, Mallory said, “Impact – it is incredibly rewarding to see how direct mentorship time and connection positively impacts scholars. Everytime I see a scholar successfully transition into a role or achieve a goal, it always makes my day. Their optimism, openness, and eagerness to learn and grow is contagious and often illuminates areas in my personal and professional life to lean into and foster growth. They inspire me everyday.”

Thank you for all that you have done and will continue to do Mallory, your work will have a lasting impact!

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