Justin’s Project Dorm Room Story

“When you go to college you usually have your parents help you move in. When you are a past foster youth, your foster parents aren’t doing that. You really start to feel alone and it’s a really depressing feeling. Project Dorm Room lifted a big financial burden because I was able to access Project Dorm Room for all three years I was at UCLA. These types of programs are really big for the development and the support of former foster youth and their success.” 

This year, you can lift the financial burden for 200 foster youth, just like Justin, to ensure that they have everything that they need to thrive in college. It only takes $25 to provide a school supply kit and $500 to outfit an entire dorm room. (sheets, comforter, pillow, towels, hamper, detergent – the works!) You can make an impact in three simple steps:

You can make an impact in three simple steps:

1. Visit the Project Dorm Room page.
2. Choose the level at which you’d like to sponsor a student.
3. Complete the donation form and select “donate now”.
And, you’re done! We’ll take care of the rest!

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