Angel numbers might move you

but there’s a set I love seeing more than 222. This area code gives me the goosebumps. And just like angel numbers

they get me through.

Missing my mom a little extra these days.

I lost her to her lifestyle, sadness and pain.

The only place she feels safe is far, far away.

Despite the ache,

my love and admiration for her is here to stay.

Absent in my life but she somehow plays in me constantly.

She stays on the go.

Moving through the streets she knows so well.

No car but the mileage is more than she can bear.

“The number you are trying to reach has been disconnected.”

It plays like a broken record.

Calls returned months later.

Free government phones bring the line back on.

Unknown calls excite me.

Bring on the “Scam Likelys.”

Especially when I see the numbers I miss. The numbers I think I need.


“Hi, My name is Susan and I am calling from Bank of America in regards to your credit card-”


I’m a Chase Bank gal.

Wishing she would just show up.

Events and all.

… or just call.

Hopeful she’ll change her ways.

Remorseful that after 27 years

it’s still the same.What would our mornings look like?

What do you enjoy doing on slow days? Do you know what those feel like?

She’s managed to bring me lower than my

knees when my only intention was to show her love.

The love she needs so bad.

Prove you still want it all.

It only takes one call.

Hit us with that 323!