2020 Scholars Jobs Secured

Nicholous Mirgoli

Degree: Economics, with a Minor in Urban and Regional Studies, UCLA
Secured Position: Media Negotiator at ad agency RPA

Hevenn Vanhelsdingen

Degree: Sociology, UCLA
Secured Position: 3-month Contract Management post-grad internship at Aids Healthcare Foundation.

Jacqueline Robles

Degree: BS in Business Administration, Concentration in Management, Cal State Long Beach
Secured Position: Peer Advocate for Children’s Law Center. Begins Masters in Public Policy at UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs in Fall 2020.

Stephanie Catalan

Degree: Growth in Cities (Urban Planning) and Economics, Bryn Mawr College
Secured Position: Analyst, JP Morgan, Commercial Real Estate Program

Ashley Szabo-Johnson

Degree: International Relations, Minor Global Business and Business Finance, USC
Secured Position: Investment Banking Analyst, Sun Trust